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Special Events 2016

Louth Museum hosts and presents special events throughout the year so please keep checking this page for information about future events we have planned for the 2016 season.

The Photos of Edwardian Louth Photographers - Ended

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28th September to 29th October 2016 Louth Museum Museum Volunteers and
The Louth Photographic Society

With modern digital cameras, the art of taking a good photograph hasn’t been easier than it is today, but hark back to an earlier period in photography history when plates were used – you only had the one chance to take that perfect picture. This exhibition includes a selection of fascinating photographs taken during the Edwardian era of Louth and the equipment that the photographers would have used to take such photographs.

The exhibition also celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Louth’s Photographic Society.

Pubs and Breweries of Louth: Past and Present - Ended

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25th May to 20th August 2016 Louth Museum Museum Volunteers

The exhibition will be looking at the history and stories from Louth’s bygone taverns, inns and pubs and will concentrate on the ones shown on the 1847 Panorama of Louth painted by William Brown. Back in the day when Brown was painting the Panorama there were over 52 pubs in Louth, one for each week of the year!

Throughout British history, alehouses, taverns, inns and pubs have been supplying their local communities with ale and beer. The brewing process made ale and beer a far safer option to drink than the local water and so became part of the staple diet for many people including children!

Alehouses were on the lowest social rung, followed by taverns and then coaching inns. Before public halls were built, they were meeting places where lectures and debates took place and where the local coroner would hold inquests. They were also used as commercial centres for the buying and selling of goods. The pubs of Louth have been supplying the locals with ale and beer for centuries and have many stories to tell. This pub was the White Hart - Aswell Street.

Louth: The Air Raids of World War II - Ended

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3oth March to 7th May 2016 Louth Museum Museum Volunteers

The exhibition, which runs until Saturday 7th May, tells the story of the air raids in Louth during the Second World War.

Fifteen people in all were killed during the raids, and are commemorated on the town’s war memorial. The Town Council have kindly lent the replica plaques which were made after a car ploughed into the memorial in 2014.

The exhibition has original items, first hand testimony, and some reminiscences. There is a rattle, to warn of air raids, and a bugle issued to Louth LDV ‘to be sounded in conjunction with church bells. Invasion alert only’. This was on a brass plaque attached to the bugle, which also had the crest of the Lincolnshire Regiment. There is also a gramophone record of the ‘all clear’. There are tin helmets, ration books, gas masks, a stirrup pump and much more.

But we should remember that life went on with as much normality as people could muster. So there are also the items of everyday life, including original textiles – CC41 utility undies, Land Army breeches, and a wedding dress, worn by Lynne Bowen for her marriage to Walter Kemplay, an RAF officer, at Ludford in September 1940.

Many people have contributed their family memorabilia and memories, and the museum volunteers are very grateful for their help.

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