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Special Events 2017

Louth Museum hosts and presents special events throughout the year so please keep checking this page for information about future events we have planned for the 2017 season.

Louth Museum’s Famous Ghost Walk

Date Place Contributor
26th October Louth Stuart Sizer
(Local Historian)

Price £5.00. Maximum of 30 people

Ghost WalkExplore haunted Louth on a Ghost Walk! Louth's Ghost Walk is a gentle stroll through the town, stopping at various ghostly locations to hear their stories and which finishes at Louth Museum. Previous walks have seen the ghost of an old lady, so you never know what might happen on Louth's Ghost Walk!

Local historian Stuart Sizer invites you to join him on a haunted walking tour of Louth to discover the scarily strange supernatural tales of mystery and suspense as twilight creeps its way silently through the town’s streets and alleyways. Dare you travel back in time to see the places where ghosts may lurk and experience the spooky terrifying tales of Louth's ghostly traditions?

So, if you are brave enough to experience the tales of haunted Louth that are as spooky as they are fascinating, then be sure to book early as numbers are limited to strictly 30 people.

To book places on our ‘Ghost Walk’ – please telephone Louth Museum on 01507 601211 Wednesday to Saturday between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. The meeting place for the start of the Walk will be given once payment has been received.

'Lincolnshire-made Chairs' Exhibition

focussing on those made in Louth

Date Place Contributor
13th September to 28th October Louth Museum Jean Howard and
William Sergeant of The Lincolnshire Chair Museum

The extraordinary history of chairmaking at the beginning of the 19th century (1800-1820) in Lincolnshire has only recently been revealed by vernacular furniture historian, William Sergeant. He has shown that the scale of Windsor chair manufacture was unique in the UK and was far greater than was previously thought. During this period hundreds of thousands were made in workshops in Grantham, Sleaford, Boston, then later in Stamford and Bourne. They were distributed and sold all over the Midlands and the North. Their style is distinct to the county and examples can still be found today in good condition in auctions and antique shops.

Previous to this, in the 18th century, the simple rush seated ladder back chair had superseded the stool in country households. Lincolnshire produced large numbers of these chairs, with the centre of manufacture around Louth, Spilsby and Alford, extending later to Boston and Spalding. Good examples are rare to have survived to the present day.

William Sergeant has been collecting and researching Lincolnshire’s chairs and is recognised as the country’s leading authority on the subject. He is a member of the Regional Furniture Society and regularly gives talks on the subject.

During this exhibition Louth Museum will be holding two special events to coincide with it, a lecture by William Sergeant of the Lincolnshire Chair Museum to be held in the Conoco-Phillips Room of Louth Library on Tuesday 10th October at 7.30 pm and a chair 'surgery' which will be held at Louth Museum when William Sergeant of the Lincolnshire Chair Museum will identify your historic chairs on Saturday 14th October between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm with free admission.

Giant Winter Book Sale

Date Place Contributor
2nd to 4th November Louth Louth Museum Volunteers

Pop Up Christmas Card Exhibition will form part of the Great Winter Book Sale – dates to be announced.

Visit Louth Museum In November for our Giant Winter Book Sale where you will find a great selection of second-hand and preloved books. Louth Museum will be packed with hundreds of second-hand bargains.

It’s a wonderful chance to come and browse and find a bargain book as there are books in many different categories all laid out for you to view. Take your time to browse through our great selection of nearly new, second-hand and old books all available to buy at Louth Museum. We have everything from fire-side fiction, science and nature, art, biographies, cookery, travel and history books through to many antiquarian books as well as out-of-print, rare books and many more - so don’t miss out, if you love books and want a great deal then visit Louth Museum’s Giant Winter Book Sale!

'Lincoln Longwool' Exhibition - Ended

Date Place Contributor
5th April to 10th June 2017 Louth Museum Museum Volunteers

For its first exhibition of the year - Louth Museum turns the spotlight on sheep and its by-product wool. Sheep once brought great wealth to Lincolnshire and Louth for centuries because of its wool.

Not any old wool, but a product from a breed almost exclusive to the county known as the Lincoln Longwool sheep.

Lincolns, as they were called, featured prominently in the county's agricultural, economic and social history for centuries. Renowned for the supreme quality of their long-staple wool and as a prolific producer of meat, the Lincoln Longwool was bred in thousands during the Middle Ages by monks and rich landowners, in hundreds by yeoman farmers and in ones and twos by humble peasants.

It made individual fortunes for farmers, breeders and merchants, helped monarchs pay for their wars, employed hundreds in spinning and cloth making and clothed just about everyone in wool garments.

The story of the Lincoln Longwool is told in detail in the exhibition. A series of display boards, illustrations and exhibits follows the trail of Lincolnshire's 'golden fleece' from Roman times up to the present day.

From early development in the Middle Ages through to boom, bust and revival, the exhibition highlights the work of talented farmers and breeders, entrepreneurs and benefactors and describes the way Lincolnshire wool impacted on all levels of society.

The exhibition also traces the origins of the shepherds, their smocks, working habits and the often amusingly rustic way they counted their flocks. It also tells the story of the Louth carpet and blanket factory run by Adam Eve of Eve & Ranshaw fame.

Louth Workhouse Walk - Ended

Date Place Contributor
Saturday 8th April at 2.30 pm Louth Alex Keyes
(Biblical Scholar and Amateur Numismatist)

Price £7.50 including refreshments and a tour of Louth Museum. Maximum of 20 people

To book places on our ‘Louth Workhouse Walk’ – please telephone Louth Museum on 01507 601211 Wednesday to Saturday between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. The meeting place for the start of the Walk will be given once payment has been received.

Louth Flood Walk - Ended

Date Place Contributor
Wednesday 31st May 5.00 pm Louth Jean Howard
(Lincolnshire Blue Badge Guide and Church Historian)

Price £4.00. Maximum of 24 people

To book places on our ‘Louth Flood Walk’ – please telephone Louth Museum on 01507 601211 Wednesday to Saturday between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. The meeting place for the start of the Walk will be given once payment has been received.

Victorian Louth Walk - Ended

Date Place Contributor
Wednesday 21st June at 10.30 am Louth Richard Gurnham
(Local Historian)

Price £4.00. Maximum 24 people.

To book places on our ‘Victorian Louth Walk’ – please telephone Louth Museum on 01507 601211 Wednesday to Saturday between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. The meeting place for the start of the Walk will be given once payment has been received.

'Victorian Time Travelling' Event for Kids - Ended

Date Place Time
Tuesday 1st August Louth Museum 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm

Let your kids enjoy an afternoon of discovery, craft and games at Louth Museum.

Your young Time Travellers will explore aspects of life in Victorian times by looking at museum artefacts, hands-on exhibits, craft-making and playing games. There will be things for your kids to touch, create and play with - it will be an entertaining way for kids to learn about Victorian times. Our aim is that through creating and exploring together kids will have an enjoyable and fun afternoon.

Places are strictly limited so pre-booking and enrolment are essential. Cost per child - £3.50.

To enrol your child or children please visit the Museum before Wednesday July 28th. The museum is open Wednesday to Saturday - 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Louth Museum welcomes young visitors - their journey of a lifetime of discovery starts with us.

'Industries in Louth' Exhibition - Ended

Date Place Contributor
28th June to 2nd September Louth Museum Louth Museum Volunteers

The exhibition will chart some of the main developments and influences of the various industries of Louth, interwoven with the people and history of the town. The heritage of Louth includes a long history of agricultural and related industries which developed, declined and changed over time; numerous influences caused great transformations within the economy and heart of the town.

Louth had for centuries been the centre of a prosperous agrarian trade, with many corn mills and a large market, but the rapid development of turnpikes, the canal and of course the arrival of the railway heralded epic transformations for its workforce. All this meant expansions in housing, wealth and education alongside associated benefits and problems. Goods including wool, corn, coal, timber, stone and domestic produce arrived and passed on through the expansion of the town. Industries grew to support, promote and create many engineering and ancillary jobs, often these were family run businesses that generated employment and wealth. One of these was Louth’s own sizeable manufacturer of carpets and blankets, recorded as engaging near a hundred workers! Remnants of the many brick making firms and quarries include still visible clay pits and the local buildings for which they were used. Other industries to reference are the repairing of industrial equipment and domestic conveniences like bikes and cars, jam making and the ubiquitous banana ripening factory; all these provided a wide range of industries which have shaped and influenced Louth into the town it is today.

Heritage Open Day - "Freedom, Justice and Equality" - Ended

Date Place Contributor
Saturday 9th September Louth Museum Louth Museum Volunteers

Heritage Open Days 2017 - Free entry to Louth Museum on Saturday 9th September.

"Protest, Integrity and the Law in Louth"

Find out about the 1536 Lincolnshire Rising, House of Correction, gaol book, prison doors, protestors against church rates, Agricultural Workers trade union, the workhouse, Stote-Manby case, letters written by William Wilberforce, man-trap, gibbet of murderer John Keal, and murderer Peter Blanchard.

Throughout the day there will be short tours lasting approximately 20 minutes; visitors are invited to browse afterwards.

A Walk through Luda: Louth in the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Age - Ended

Date Place Contributor
Saturday 30th September 2.30 pm Louth Alex Keyes
(Biblical Scholar and Amateur Numismatist)

Price £4.00. Maximum of 20 people

In ‘A Walk through Luda’ museum volunteer Alex Keyes takes us back in time over a thousand years to the origin of Louth. We’ll meet some of the first Germanic settlers in Lincolnshire, discover the origins of Louth’s name, uncover the influence of the Vikings, visit the site where Saxon Kings held council and learn the story of Saint Herefrith’s stolen bones. This walk will last around one hour and thirty minutes and will involve considerable walking so a reasonable level of fitness is required.

To book places on our ‘A Walk through Luda’ Walk – please telephone Louth Museum on 01507 601211 Wednesday to Saturday between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. The meeting place for the start of the Walk will be given once payment has been received.

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