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Louth Museum is an award winning visitor attraction in the historic market town of Louth, nestling at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds. There are four galleries, a library and a gift shop.

Louth Museum was refitted in 2006, celebrated its centenary in 2010, has won four Renaissance Heritage awards and the Lincolnshire Heritage Museum of the Year.

Exhibitions 2019

Local Paintings -26th June until 31st August

For its second exhibition of the year, Louth Museum turns the spotlight on paintings of local places and people, many of which have rarely been on display to the public. In date they range from late 18th Century to the present day; some are by well-known artists and others by little-known amateurs.

Throughout the course of the exhibition local artists will be 'in residence' in the museum to demonstrate and discuss their own work including:

  • Pat Rowe on 26th June
  • Bob Armstrong on 28th June
  • Anne Harris on 3rd July
  • Ann MacDonald on 11th July
  • Ali Hunter on 12th July
  • Bridget Jones on 18th July
  • Ann MacDonald on 25th July
  • Anne Harris on 31st July

and many of their artworks will be for sale.

One of the paintings which will be on display is of Miss Kent read more...

Louth Museum's Guided Walks for 2019

Louth’s streets are filled with history and mystery with many stories to enthral and delight.

Why not take an informative walk through Louth and delve into its history with Louth Museum's experienced guides, and together, you will explore different aspects of Louth past with this collection of historical walks. Louth has some fantastic history and architecture and our walks have been especially written by our experienced guides to bring this to life. Take a walk with us and learn more about Louth and its past!

More walks will be added so please keep checking back for details.

"A Short History of LNALS and Louth Museum"

This new booklet has recently been published by the Louth Naturalists', Antiquarian and Literary Society known locally as the 'Ants and Nats'. It's an illustrated and very readable account of the development of Louth Museum from its inception 135 years ago to the nationally respected museum it is today. The major phases of the museum's existence and the principal individuals involved are described, and the reader cannot fail to be impressed by the enthusiasm and the effort put in by those, almost all entirely unpaid, generations of people over the years who have worked to preserve and showcase Louth's rich heritage. The final section considers the future of the museum and asks how we can maintain the long-term financial health of the museum when daily takings from visitors cannot hope to cover essential expenses such as insurance.

The booklet is recommended for everyone interested in our Louth heritage; it is easy to read and appropriate for children as well as more mature citizens. It was compiled by Dr Ruth Gatenby who has been Honorary Archivist at Louth Museum since 2018.

The booklet is priced at £2.50 and is available from Louth Museum.

New for 2019!

Also new for our 2019 season, the cabinets in the Town Gallery will feature new exhibits, many of the items are newly on display, some have not been seen for several years and some have never on display before!

"Before Plastic" explores many everyday items before the advent of plastic! From toys, to buttons, to shoes, to bottles, to packaging, to hair accessories and more! See how we lived before plastic!

"1920s Fashion" explores the modernisation of fashion for women. In the 1920s fashion changed from the restrictive fashions of the Victorian and Edwardian period towards looser clothing which revealed more of a woman's arms and legs. This had begun during the Edwardian period with the rising of hemlines to the ankle and the movement away from corsets. The Roaring Twenties saw women wearing flapper dresses, bobbing their hair and embracing the new freedoms they found in the clothes they wore.

"All things Louth" which includes a display of Louth 17th century tokens. Between 1649 and 1660 there was a shortage of copper coinage and enterprising Louth traders began to issue these tokens because the shortage of small coins meant serious hardship for the very poorest of Louth's inhabitants. This will be the first time these tokens have been on display in the museum.

"Victorian Taxidermy" explores our collection of taxidermy. The world of Victorian taxidermy is an art form which divides opinion. Love it or hate it. The taxidermy produced by the Victorians was used by museums to show the beauty and wonder of the natural world to the public who would otherwise never have had the opportunity of seeing such creatures and it was extremely popular.


  • The back-lit panoramic bird’s-eye view of Victorian Louth
  • Rocks and fossils of the Lincolnshire Wolds
  • 200,000 years of local archaeology
  • Brickmaking and printing
  • The disastrous Louth Flood of May 1920
  • The largest national collection of Victorian woodcarvings by Thomas Wallis of Louth
  • The story of the Ghost of the Green Lady
  • Carpets made in Louth
  • Bygones and domestic life
  • Birds butterflies and moths

A Local Independent Museum - Nationally Accredited - Quality Assured Lincolnshire Visitor Attraction founded in 1884 by Louth Naturalists', Antiquarian and Literary Society - Registered Charity No.1145436

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